Welcome to Kellan in the Philippines! Or, umali kayo, in Ilocano, the local language here in the North. For those who know me (and for those who don’t), my name is Kellan, and this is the blog through which I’m sharing my journey in the Philippines as a missionary of the Episcopal Church of the USA working with the E-CARE Foundation, the development organization of the Episcopal Church of the Philippines. 

Called to work at the intersection of economic development and environmental ethics, equipped with Philosophy and International Affairs degrees and four years of policy research and marketing with environmental initiatives, I was ready to get my feet wet working in a developing country and found the Young Adult Service Corps.

The Young Adult Service Corps is a program of the Episcopal Church that connects young adults aged 21-30 with dioceses around the world to serve where there skills and interests match and to learn about the people and life there. It’s a really great program! Stay tuned -- more on that later!

Through the program, I am sent by the Diocese of Louisiana and the Diocese of Atlanta and connected with the Episcopal Church of the Philippines, specifically the Diocese of the North Central Philippines. I am working with the E-CARE Foundation (Epsicopal Community Action for Renewal and Empowerment), which uses a grassroots, asset-based approach to help communities improve their livelihoods and reduce poverty. I’ll be sharing more of the ins and outs of the program in blog posts to come!

Let’s connect!
Please subscribe to my blog here! I would love to hear from you what you’re interested in hearing from me about the Philippines. I am also managing the Facebook page for Cafe Galilea, the restaurant/marketing center from where I’m working, so please ‘like’ to learn more about the work! 

I would be delighted if you would keep me and this work in your prayers and send positive energy this way!

If you would like to support this work with a financial gift, you can make a tax-deductible donation to the Episcopal Church of the USA by sending a check or credit card info, with my name in the memo line, along with this form (for check or for credit card) for a tax receipt to: 

Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society
Attn: Yanick Fourcand
815 2nd Ave
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I’m very close to reaching my $10,000 fundraising goal! And thank you for your support!

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